woensdag 19 januari 2011

Hi all

Sorry that i havent lately posted any new blog.
My minecraft server is temporary down because notch updated minecraft and now my server mod has been broken.
I hope there comes soon a better one (they are working on one) but still got to wait till its more stable.
Will keep you updated!

vrijdag 14 januari 2011

A 3d hand i builded in minecraft

I always wanted to build something that is realy in 3d in minecraft.
Just could never figure out how to do it untill now.
After about 4-5 hours i finnaly finished it !
Result is here:

So tell me, what u think of this?
Dont mind the wood all around it, someone tought it was funny to make a minecart track around it lol.
This is btw builded in my smp server, that is currently down due to some problems...
Oh well.... :)

Just updated....

Just updated my header, now working on the background !
Hoping i will finish it soon :D

Heya guys

Hey people,
Welcome to my minecrafters blog.
I just started this blog to let the people see why i like minecraft, and what kind of stuff i have build in minecraft.
I hope you all can get some inspiration from me.
Have fun here !